Lancaster Airport celebrates opening of new LNS Alliance Aviation FBO

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LNS Alliance Aviation – the sole full-service FBO at Lancaster Airport is opening a brand-new 6,700 sq. ft. two-storey facility at the Pennsylvania hub.

Featuring a bright, natural aesthetic finished with mid-century-modern inspired fixtures and furnishings the FBO was designed and constructed with the needs of discerning travellers in mind. Private aviation customers can make the most of an inviting lounge featuring a wall of windows overlooking the ramp; access to free hot drinks; an expansive pilot lounge and games room; two pilot snooze rooms with lounge chairs; a shower; a flight planning office complete with computers and printers; a courtesy car and several office spaces.

In addition to its new facility, the full-service FBO also offers hangar space on an as-needed basis, as well as reliable aircraft services, including aviation fuel supplied by Avfuel, aircraft parking, GPU and preheating, de-icing and concierge services.

“It has been our pleasure to serve general and business aviation traffic at the Lancaster Airport since 2008,” said Mary Forney, General Manger of LNS Alliance Aviation. “To now welcome traffic to our brand new facility is beyond words. We’re excited to offer the level of amenities only matched by our level of service to provide an exceptional gateway to the Lancaster community.”

Rise Aviation breaks ground on new FBO terminal at North Texas Regional Airport

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Rise Aviation has broken ground on its new FBO terminal at North Texas Regional Airport (KGYI) in Sherman, Texas, which is slated to be complete in the first quarter of 2022.

Having originally offered FBO services as Lake Texoma Jet Center Rise Aviation acquired the existing FBO at North Texas Regional Airport in 2008. As growth accelerated from the DFW Metroplex north toward the North Texas hub, Rise Aviation began plans for a new modern facility to better serve the general aviation community. Rise then entered negotiations with the Grayson County Regional Mobility Authority to acquire an additional leasehold for development of its state-of-the-art FBO facility.

Rise Aviation currently operates four hangar/ office facilities at North Texas Regional Airport totalling more than 67,000 sq. ft. of hangar space, 21,890 sq. ft. of office/ shop space and seven acres of aircraft ramp space. The new project will add 1.4 acres of leasehold and 10,721 sq. ft. terminal, which includes a large passenger lobby, crew lounge and seperate snooze room, a flight planning area, a vending area, leasable office space, an observation deck overlooking the runways, a large executive conference room, and the airport’s administrative offices.

“We are delighted to be underway with construction of our new FBO terminal at North Texas Regional Airport,” said George Schuler, Rise Aviation’s owner. “Rise looks forward to continue serving the users of North Texas Regional Airport with this new facility. As the North Texas area continues to grow, many businesses and investors who come to Grayson County with thoughts about relocating, building or investing here will arrive in a business aircraft and we are pleased Rise Aviation’s new facility at North Texas Regional Airport will be Grayson County’s front door to the world.”

Avfuel welcomes first branded location in Central America

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Aviation fuel supplier Avfuel has expanded its operations by welcoming LAATS FBO at Guatemala La Aurora International Airport to its branded network.

As an Avfuel-branded location, LAATS FBO will gain access to Avfuel’s suite of operational solutions, including payment processing and leading trainer programmes. It also means the FBO’s customers will now be able to access rewards through AVTRIP.

Commenting on how the fuel supplier is proud to have expanded its presence into Central America, Joel Hirst, Avfuel’s Vice President of Sales said: “The entire LAATS FBO team – under the vision and leadership of CEO Mario Juarez – provides its customers with an exceptional level of support, aligning perfectly with the values behind the Avfuel brand.”

With more than 20 years of experience in the aviation industry, LAATS FBO is Guatemala’s leading ground service provider. It established the country’s first true FBO and hangar complex – with the airport’s only VIP lounge. The LAATS FBO facility provides a range of amenities including: relaxing lounges for both passengers and crew; a conference room; office space; a bistro bar and gourmet dining; complimentary snacks; a well-equipped business centre, as well as entertainment and media equipment and WiFi; and ramp access.  Arriving guests benefit from immigration and customs as well as dedicated concierge services, car rentals and limousine services as well as laundry services.

The FBO also offers aircraft handling and secure parking, fuel coordination, flight planning services, permits coordination, ground power units, line maintenance, aircraft cleaning and weather briefings. Furthermore, with a complete fleet of ground support equipment, the LAATS team is on hand to provide an array of specialised services, including presidential and diplomatic services, ambulance flights and charter flights.

“Every decision we make at LAATS FBO is made with our customers and our community in mind,” said Karen Nichols, LAATS FBO Manager. “We are optimistic that this new partnership with Avfuel will enable us to add to our repertoire of industry-leading services and further connect our local economy with global partners.”

Telluride Regional Airport receives delivery of SAF from Avfuel

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Avfuel-branded Telluride Regional Airport has become the first airport and FBO in Colorado to make sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) available to its customers. The FBO received its first demonstrative delivery of SAF from Avfuel in Februrary, with two more deliveries made in March.

Telluride Regional Airport has since begun to receive regular deliveries of Neste’s branded SAF from Avfuel. The first load arrived on 15 April, with each truckload of the Neste MY SAF providing a 22 metric ton reduction in carbon emissions over its lifecycle, which is equivalent to the amount of carbon sequestered by 28.7 acres of US forests per year.

Telluride Regional Ariport can now consistently provide SAF for all jet and turbine aircraft that land at the airport in order to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support sustainability goals.

“Our community desires to do its part in reducing carbon emissions,” said Kenneth Maenpa, Telluride’s Airport Manager. “As such, we are proud to be the first airport in Colorado to provide sustainable aviation fuel. Avfuel has worked diligently on the logistics for delivering SAF to Telluride Regional Airport, and we’re excited to announced this significant milestone that’s been three years in the making.”

Keith Sawyer, Avfuel’s Manager of Alternative Fuels, added: “Avfuel is thankful for the true partnership it has with the Telluride Regional Airport team, working together to provide cleaner solutions in one of the world’s most stunning natural environments. We congratulate the airport on being the first to provide SAF in the state of Colorado, which not only provides significant emissions reductions, but also raises awareness on the environmental benefits and safety of the product.”

Open 365 days a year, the Telluride Regional Airport is North America’s highest commercial airport at 9,070 feet above sea level and is a self-sustaining operation.

Avfuel delivers ongoing supply of Neste SAF to Monterey Jet Center

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Avfuel is now supplying Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) on a consistent basis to its branded FBO, Monterey Jet Center in California.

Having received its first load of the fuel on 1 March, the FBO will now receive SAF on an ongoing basis.

“Avfuel’s provided a number of demonstrative SAF loads over the years, but this is our first opportunity – through Neste MY SAF – to regularly provide the fuel for a customer,” said Keith Sawyer, Avfuel’s Manager of Alternative Fuels. “We look forward to collaborating with Neste and Monterey Jet Center to ensure the logistics behind supplying Neste MY SAF are streamlined and efficient as we prepare to extend this offering to other customers.”

Just two months ago Avfuel and Neste announced a strategic partnership to supply more SAF to the business aviation market. As part of this agreement, Neste will provide Avfuel with sufficient SAF in volumes to meet the growing demands of its customers, making Avfuel one of the first US companies able to supply the fuel on a regular basis. Neste expects to have the capacity to produce some 1.5 million tonnes (515 million gallons) of SAF annually by 2023.

Every truckload of SAF that Avfuel delivers to Monterey Jet Center will provide a 22 metric tonne reduction in carbon emissions over the lifecycle compared to conventional fossil fuel. Made from sustainably sourced, renewable waste and residue materials – such as used cooking oil, Neste My SAF is a drop-in fuel that, once blended with petroleium jet fuel meets ATSM D-1655 specification for jet fuel.

“We are thankful to the Neste and Monterey Jet Center teams who have joined Avfuel in leading the charge in sustainability,” said Craig Sincock, Avfuel’s CEO and President. “Making sustainable aviation fuel regularly available to sustainably-minded operations is the best way to reduce carbon emissions at the source. Together, we’re not just facilitating the supply chain of a new product, we’re facilitating a cleaner, brighter future for aviation and our communities – and that’s something of which the Avfuel team couldn’t be more proud.”

Koury Aviation marks a milestone selling SAF to GA consumers

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Avfuel-branded location, Koury Aviation, which is based out of Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, US has become the first Eastern Seaboard FBO to sell sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to general aviation traffic.

The FBO has received two truckloads of Neste MY SAF on Wednesday 3 March. Each truckload provides a 19 metric tonne reduction in carbon emissions compared to petroleum-based jet fuel, creating significant emissions reductions for the sustainably-minded FBO and its customers.

“When we found there was an opportunity to receive Neste My SAF from Avfuel, we knew we had to jump on the opportunity,” said Brad Koury, Koury Aviation’s President. “With the Greensboro Transit Authority having introduced electric buses two years ago, and Kevin Baker – the airport’s executive director – promoting initiatives for a greener airport, I knew the introduction of SAF for the East Coast would be an important milestone for Koury Aviation and an optimum chance for us to do our part. Being just 20 minutes from two available Megasites (business clusters developed in collaboration with government, business and education), our FBO is a great place to introduce the future of fuel,” he added.

Highlighting how Avfuel and Neste are helping the FBO to kickstart its sustainability journey, Koury said: “The timing is perfect for the fuel’s introduction as Koury Aviation strives to be a link to a sustainable future, and to send a strong demand signal to current and future suppliers.”

Made from sustainably sourced, renewable waste and residue materials – including used cooking oil, Neste MY SAF is a drop-in fuel that, once blended with traditional jet fuel, meets the relevant regulations and safety requirements for jet fuel. “Avfuel is thrilled to work with the Koury Aviation team as the first branded operation to not only receive a load of Neste MY SAF, but also sell it to any operator who wants it on the East Coast,” said Keith Sawyer, Avfuel’s Manager of Alternative Fuels. “It’s an exciting milestone for Koury Aviation, Avfuel and the industry at large.”

Avfuel expands network with Dallas-Fort Worth FBO

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Avfuel has welcomed DFW Corporate Aviation at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (KDFW) to its network of branded fuel locations.

The only FBO at the Dallas hub, DFW Corporate Aviation is a full-service FBO offering quick turnaround services for business aviation traffic. It also offers an array of amenities and services ranging from a conference room, computers and printers for guest use, rental cars on the ready for onward travel, transportation to and from the airport’s terminals and rental car facility, US Customs, A GPU/ power cart, a belt loader and a complimentary beverage bar.

As an Avfuel-branded location, DFW Corporate Aviation provides customers with lucrative rewards with AVTRIP and competitive prices with Avfuel Contract Fuel. In addition to contract fuel, customers will benefit from transaction ease when using the Avfuel Pro Card at the FBO with teh ability to put everything – fuel and non-fuel items with or without a fuel purchase – on one transaction, avoiding processing fees.

Commenting on this partnership, Stephen Courtois, DFW Corporate Aviation’s Manager said: “The DFW team is excited to embark on this new journey with Avfuel as its chosen partner. Now operating as a full-service FBO, we’re able to fill an important need for the corporate aviation community at one of the nation’s largest airports. Partnering with Avfuel helps us provide these operators with the comprehensive support services they require both efficiently and effectively.”

Editor’s comment: Sustainable team players

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With passengers now looking to travel more responsibly than ever, stakeholders across the aviation sector are upping the ante when it comes to demonstrating their sustainability commitment.

Aviation fuel supplier Avfuel is no exception. In response to growing demand from its customers, including FBOs and airports, it has teamed up with Neste – the worldʼs leading producer of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) – to create a continuous supply of SAF in the US. Under the new strategic partnership, Avfuel will be branded a SAF distributor for Neste, and will sell it under the brand name Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Neste expects to have the capacity to produce some 1.5 million tons (515 million gallons) of SAF annually by 2023.

Avfuelʼs President and CEO, Craig Sincock, described the partnership as an “exciting development” and a “natural next step in response to aviationʼs growing demand for SAF.” He also said that, “Together, we are able to support aviationʼs sustainability goals and enhance supply availability at a commercial scale, filling an immense gap in the industryʼs supply chain.”

Marking a milestone as Avfuelʼs first customer to receive a consistent supply of SAF, Monterey Jet Center – an Avfuel-branded FBO based in California – is due to take delivery of the fuel in the first quarter of 2021. Prior to rolling out the programme to a larger customer base, Neste and Avfuel will work alongside Monterey Jet Center to ensure the entire supply chain, from production through to invoicing, functions smoothly.

Referencing the collaboration with Avfuel, Chris Cooper, Neste’s Vice President, Renewable Aviation, North America, highlighted that it’s about much more than just creating a supply chain. “We are really providing passengers with a meaningful way to reduce their carbon footprint when travelling on a business or private aircraft. Thanks to great partners like Avfuel, travellers who care about the health of our planet will be able to choose to board an aircraft flying on SAF.”

While it’s sometimes hard to find the positive stories amid the turmoil that continues to unfold across the aviation industry as a result of COVID-19, this latest partnership is certainly one to celebrate.

I hope you enjoy reading this week’s newsletter and for more on the relationship between fuel suppliers and FBOs as well as how these partnerships can benefit an airport, read our feature onʻThe perfect pairingʼ in the latest issue of Regional Gateway magazine.

Chloë Greenbank

Editor, Regional Gateway.