More building rights up for sale at Goteborg Landvetter Airport

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In line with its vision for Airport City Göteborg, Swedavia has sold the last building rights available in Logistics Park 1 at Göteborg Landvetter Airport in Sweden to Nordiska Galleriet Properties AB – Swedens’ largest retailer of furniture, lighting and interior furnishings in the premium segment.

To meet the strong demand for logistics properties at the airport, work has now begun on Logistics Park 2, which will be twice the size of the original logistics park.

The sale of the building rights to Nordiska Galleriat Properties includes three land-owning companies with an underlying property value of around 17.4 million Swedish kronor. The transfer of ownership took place on 7 October.

“Naturally we are pleased that Nordiska Galleriat Properties and thus another operator has chosen to take part in the development of Airport City Göteborg,” remarked Stefan Stenburg, CEO of Swedavia Real Estate. “we are now seeing the rapid growth of a new hub for transport and logistics at the airport. The logistics properties now being planned will have easy access and good exposure next to the entrance to Göteborg Landvetter Airport.”

With Logistics Park 1 covering a total of 300,000 sq.m. some 95,000 sq.m. of new premises for warehouses and logistics have already been completed. A further approximately 20,000 sq.m. of office, business and warehousing premises will be created as a result of the recent sales over the next two years.

Stenberg added that there continues to be strong interest in establishing logistics operations adjacent to the optimal transport hub that the airport constitutes. “To meet this demand, Swedavia is now beginning work on Airport City Göteborg’s second logistics area, which will have twice as much space as Logistics Park 1,” he pointed out.

Located on the west side of the airport and covering around 700,000 sq.m. work on the zoning plan for the new logistics area will start in 2022. The goal is for the first building in the area to be completed in 2025.

“Our furniture operations in Molndal have seen very strong growth recently, and it feels good that we are now expanding our peroperty holdigns and gaining access to more storage capacity, which will facilitate continued growth for Nordiska Galleriet in the Gothenburg region,” said Per Sköld, CEO of Nordiska Galleriet Properties.

George Best Belfast City Airport partners with Danske Bank to open digital hub

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George Best Belfast City Airport has opened a new digital hub, known as the Drop Zone and sponsored by Danske Bank to help passengers stay connected.

Designed by Off the Wall and featuring 16 charging points, the Drop Zone offers passengers the chance to sit down while charging their personal electronic devices and using the airport’s free Wi-Fi.

Commenting on the new Drop Zone, which is located in the airport’s departures lounge, Mark Beattie, Operations Director at George Best Belfast City Airport, said: “Its prime location means that each person travelling out of Belfast City Airport, whether it’s for business or leisure, will be able to avail of the comfortable seating area and charging points.”

Belfast City Airport currently serves 18 destinations across the UK and Europe with its seven regional and blue-chip airline partners, including Aer Lingus, British Airways and KLM. The new facility will help the airport’s passengers keep up with work, access entertainment or simply stay connected during their journey.

“We’re really pleased to see the Danske Drop Zone come to life at George Best Belfast City Airport,” said Shaun McAnee, MD of Corporate & Business Banking at Danske Bank. “It is the latest initiative in our mission to help Northern Ireland grow again and provides an opportunity for anyone travelling for work or leisure to stay connected. As the economy opens up again it is important that we make it as easy as possible for our local business people to do business in other parts of the UK and beyond,” he continued.

Dufry extends duty-free concession at three Cambodian airports

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Global travel retailer, Dufry, has extended its duty-free concession at Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville airports in Cambodia for five and a half years. The extended concession agreement starts this October and covers departure and arrival duty-free shops at all three hubs, which are operated by VINCI Airports and which welcomed 11.6 million international travellers in 2019. It also includes the departure shop at Sihanoukville airport with a total sales area of 2,680 m. sq and at which Dufry has operated ever since 2003.

Aligned with Cambodia Airports’ retail development plan, Dufry’s contract extension will include the refurbishing of duty-free shops at the Phnom Penh and Siem Reap airports. Sihanoukville’s departure store underwent a redesign in 2019. Local Cambodian products and souvenirs will be available to purchase in keeping with VINCI Airports’ “sense of place” approach.
“We thank our partners of Cambodia Airports and are honoured to have been given the opportunity to further extend our close collaboration and to foster this long-standing relationship,” said Pedro Castro, COO Asia-Pacific, Dufry. “Through the refurbishment of our main shops we will provide travellers with a new and attractive shopping experience, thus further increasing productivity of these important Cambodian hubs, which enjoy an increasing attention of international passengers.”

Alain Brun, CEO of Cambodia Airports added: “It is a vote of confidence. The partners share an optimistic outlook for global air travels and the many opportunities that the return of passengers will confer to airports and retailers with creative minds. To provide a seamless experience at our airports in Cambodia and to cope with the latest trends in travel retail, our teams will prioritise key objectives including accelerating the moves towards e-commerce, synergies between online-offline sales channels, and putting emphasis on health and wellness offerings.”

Lindt and Sprungli Travel Retail enhances chocolate retail offering

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Lindt & Sprüngli Travel Retail is updating its Lindt premium chocolate range. The revamp will see new brands, formats and pack redesigns in 2022 as well as the launch of brands to the travel retail market.

To meet growing demand for self-treating and snacks for on-the-go, the Lindt LINDOR range will be available in a new LINDOR Bag Milk 100g format. The two companies will also bring the popular Lindt NUXOR brand to the travel retail market for the first-time next year. In addition, the bestselling Lindt NAPOLITAINS range will be relaunched with a new eye-catching pack design to increase visual appeal and grow awareness of the brand among shoppers.

Lindt’s latest launches will enable travel retailers to take full advantage of the gifting category, which continues to be a key consideration for duty-free shoppers. According to Lindt & Sprüngli Travel Retail, recent studies have shown that half of European travellers will most likely consider buying confectionery for a gifting occasion, especially when travelling for leisure or visiting friends and family.

Travelling consumers, especially millennial shoppers, are also increasingly concerned with the sustainability. Lindt & Sprüngli Travel Retail has developed its own sustainability programme for cocoa beans; the Lindt and Sprüngli Farming Programme, which strives for ecologically and socially responsible cultivation and supports farmers, their families and their communities. The programme recently reached a milestone with 100% of cocoa beans now traceable back to their origin and externally verified.

“With growing numbers of passengers returning to the skies, travel retailers will need to ensure they are offering the right mix of products that consumers are actively searching for,” said Peter Zehender, Heaed of the Lindt & Sprüngli Travel Retail global duty-free division. “In the confectionery aisle, this will encompass a strong core range of bestselling lines and innovative novelties from leading brands that shoppers know and trust. As a much-loved confectionery brand with global appeal, Lindt is ideally placed to help travel retailers meet the various needs of confectionery buyers. The launch of LINDOR Bag Milk 100g and Lindt NUXOR, as well as our redesigned Lindt NAPOLITAINS range, will bring much-needed innovation to the travel confectionery market, providing travelllers with exciting new products to suit every occasion – from gifting to self consumption and on-the-go treating.”

Consumer demand drives responsible luxury retail

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According to Swiss research agency, m1nd-set, luxury, brands retailers and travel and tourism operators have responded to the seismic shift in consumer mindset, to adapt their product and service offering to the new consumer mindset, which is increasingly more socially and environmentally conscious since the pandemic.

With companies fundamentally changing the way they source, manufacture and package product or reposition their products and services, travel retail is also having to adapt to stay in line with consumer expectations. A focal point of m1nd-set’s research is how post-pandemic luxury goods shoppers have changed their behaviour when travelling and shopping.

One of the key trends highlighted in the report is the growing demand among some luxury consumer segments for luxury travel experiences over luxury products. These consumers are seeking less ostentation and more emotional and spiritual experiences, which is leading to growth in the luxury health and wellness sector. Respect towards the environment and immersion in nature are also important aspects of these travel sustainable luxury experiences.

On travel retail shopper behaviour among luxury shoppers specifically, the research reveals the preferred categories among luxury shoppers and how their shopping behaviour in duty free has evolved since before the pandemic as well as in comparison to non-luxury shoppers. According to m1nd-set, luxury shoppers are particularly more interested than they were before the pandemic in finding different products from their usual luxury purchases and more sustainable packaging. 25% of luxury shoppers said they place importance on purchasing something different compared to 18% on average in the years from 2017 to 2020, and compared to 21% of non-luxury shoppers. 20% said they were more conscious about the product packaging in 2021 compared to only 11% on average in the years from 2017 to 2020, and compared to 17% of non-luxury shoppers.

In addition, the research shows that luxury shoppers are significantly more likely than non-luxury shoppers to purchase at least one unique duty-free exclusive product and more likely than they did before the pandemic too. 80% of shoppers said they would purchase a duty free exclusive, up 28% on the four-year average between 2017 and 2020 and 8% higher than among non-luxury shoppers. The interaction with, and impact of, sales staff on the purchase behaviour also reveals significant changes, particularly concerning the influence that sales staff are having on the product selection of luxury shoppers since the pandemic.

Commenting on the impact of the pandemic on shopping behaviours, Head of Business Development at m1nd-set, Anna Marchesini said: “Given the shift towards more responsible consumption and the shopping behaviour of luxury shoppers in travel retail, where we see consumers looking for more information on the products and services prior to purchasing, we believe there is a huge opportunity for brands. The most forward-thinking luxury brands in retail and in travel retail will sieve this opportunity to educate consumers about the unique history and sustainable attributes of their products or services. The world has changed and sustainability is no longer a choice, but a requirement.”

German airports turn to gin to help create a sense of place

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Cologne Bonn Airport has unveiled what is possibly the world’s first gin vending machine. The local Rhineland Siegfried brand is respected worldwide for its high-quality spirits and as pioneers in the field of non-alcoholic distillates as the first spirits producer. The company unveiled its first Travel-Value store in the security area of Terminal 1 at Cologne Bonn on 18 September.

“We are proud to welcome Siegfried as a partner at our airport,” said Johan Vannestse, President and CEO of Flughafen Koln/ Bonn. “Siegfried is not only innovative and creative, it is also a perfect embodiment of the Rhineland in all its facets. Siegfried’s alcoholic and non-alcoholic ranges are a perfect fit for our concept of offering our passengers a unique shopping experience. In future, our passengers will be able to take a piece of the Rhineland with them in their hand luggage.”

Located in the centre of the almost 100 sq.m retail space stands what is being described as possibly the world’s first gin vending machine. Passengers can purchase Rheinland Distillers’ products at standard market prices and sizes, paying by card. In keeping with the motto “Say Hello to Siegfried,” the gallery wall shows some of the most important milestones in the start-up’s history, as well as a selfie spot for the social media community.

“We are proud and grateful that in Cologne Bonn Airport we have found a partner who so actively supports our dream of taking the brand to the world,” said Raphael Vollmar of Siegfried. “In the seven years that Siegfried has been on the market, we have experienced a lot of surprises and exciting collaborations. Cologne Bonn Airport’s engagement is definitely one of them and we are very grateful for it.”

Turning beer to gin at Munich

Meanwhile at Munich Airport’s popular Airbräu brewery, brewmaster Rene Jacobsen got creative with leftover beer when the airport outlet’s beer taps came to a standstill due to a lack of passengers during lockdown. Instead of simply pouring away 4,000 litres of leftover Airbräu beer he developed a gin-style beer spirit under the brand name “Mountain Hub Distillers” in cooperation with the Hilton Munich Airport Hotel. Distilling Airbräu beer with selected so-called botanicals resulted in the rich and aromatic “infused beer spirit”, which combines the taste of strong beer and high-percentage juniper aromas.

From the 4,000 litres of beer a total of almost 300 litres of exclusively distilled beer gin was produced and is now available at Munich Airport’s Airbräu, the Mountain Hub restaurants and the Hilton Bar.

Perth Airport unveils touchless technology and processes to keep passengers safe

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Australia’s Perth Airport continues to roll out new COVID-safe initiatives and practices through its car parks and terminals to keep passengers and staff safe. This includes reducing touchpoints and promoting physical distancing as well as hand hygiene.

“In FY21, almost 5.9 million people travelled through our terminals without a single COVID-19 breach,” said Kate Holsgrove, Perth Airport’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Maintaining the safety of all workers and travellers at Perth Airport remains our priority as aviation begins to recover and more passengers begin to travel.

“We have put the necessary measures in place to improve safety but that doesn’t mean our work is finished as we looked to reduce contact points at our retail outlets and in our car parks,” she added.

The airport has introduced a new initiative in partnership with Mr Yum who operate a food & beverage QR code ordering system which will allow passengers to pre-order and pay for items on their device and then pick up at the terminal.

Participating venues upload their menus that become available via the Mr Yum platform for customers to order – either before their arrival or as they walk through the terminal by scanning a QR code displayed on tables at selected outlets in T2 and T4. Customers can scan, order and pay for food and beverages on their mobile device.

“The system will introduce a touchless ordering system, providing customers an enhanced experience through seamless online ordering. We see thig being particularly powerful as a queue buster in the early morning peak period,” said Holsgrove.

Commenting on how Perth Airport is ideal for a convenient and seamless in-terminal experience, Mr Yum CEO and co-founder, Kim Teo, said: “Mr Yum is proud to partner with Perth Airport to offer an elevated experience to the thousands of people who pass through the airport every day, making it easier for those in a rush to grab a coffee or a bite to eat before boarding.”

The airport is now also preparing for a return to international travel by launching a new online shopping platform that offers products and services available at Perth including duty-free shopping.

“The new platform creates a seamless and safer shopping experience for customers wanting to peruse the duty-free offering at Dufry stores located at Perth Airport,” continued Holsgrove.

“The expanded use of technology allows us to sell any produce or service available at Perth Airport online and we are currently using the platform so that travellers can purchase access to the Aspire Lounge in T2.

“We will be working with our retail partners to expand the products and services available on the platform in the coming months, making it easier for passengers to shop in the way most convenient for them.

“We have also introduced new wave technology which allows motorists to enter our car parks without having to touch the entry/ exit and pay machines.”

Other infrastructure investments made at the Western Australian hub to reduce touchpoints in the traveller journey include projects on Common User Self Service check-ins, the International Gate Upgrade Project and the Airport Management System Upgrade.

“The efforts of the Perth Airport team have given government and the community confidence that air travel is COVID safe. This will be essential to the recovery of the aviation sector as we hopefully move toward a return to normal in the post-COVID era,” concluded Holsgrove.

Airport Dimensions partners with Ambaar Lounge in Brazil

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Airport Dimensions, operator of the renowned US lounge network, The Club, has joined forces with Ambaar Lounge to launch a new airport lounge concept called Ambaar Club, which will be launched at multiple locations across four airports in Brazil.

Marking Airport Dimensions’ debut in the South American market,  the unveiling of Ambaar Club  also accentuates the company’s global growth plans. It has also recently expanded its Middle East operations with the introduction of the sleep lounge brand, sleep ‘n fly.

“Combining Airport Dimensions’ unparalleled digital and physical airport assets and experiences with Ambaar Lounges’ deep understanding of the regional market, the new Ambaar Club brand will provide a wealth of experiences perfectly tailored to the varied needs of passengers in Brazil and will help drive revenues in the airports,” said Nancy Knipp, President Americas, Airport Dimensions.

As the leading operator of VIP lounges in Brazil, Ambaar Lounge currently operates premium lounges at Belo Horizonte International Airport and Guarulhos International Airport. Plans are also underway to expand the lounge network to four additional airports in the region in the coming months.

Also commenting on the partnership, Bernardo Claro da Fonseca, CEO & Founder of Ambaar Lounge, said: “Ambaar is very proud to partner with Airport Dimensions and looking forward to new developments in Brazil and abroad. After many years developing our brand, this opportunity to partner with Airport Dimensions confirms that we have got the proposition right. We will soon announce a stunning network of new lounges for our growing base of customers and followers.”

Swedavia sells building rights at Goteborg Landvetter Airport

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Swedish airport operator, Swedavia, has sold two companies that own land in Airport City Göteborg at Göteborg Landvetter Airport to Zeppelin Sverige AB, the exclusive distributor for Caterpillar Inc in Sweden. The sale took place on 1 July at an underlying property value of 39.8 million Swedish kroner.

The sale is in line with Swedavia’s strategy to create value by successfully developing properties close to its airports in order to reinvest in the airports’ development and competitiveness.

In line with Airport City Göteborg’s vision to be a cutting-edge airport city with commercial opportunities, Zeppelin is planning to set up its Swedish headquarters with 32,000 sq.m. of premises and some 100 jobs along with a modern, multi-functional and flexible service facility that will be a full-range base for all of Zeppelin’s operations in the western region. Zeppelin’s facility will be established in Logistics Park 1 (the airport city’s first logistics park), which is located in the heart of the Airport City and features 150,000 sq. m. of premises for warehouses and logistics operations. Postnord TPL, Rajapack, Vatterleden Logistick and Dawa Dack have already established operations in this area.

“We are pleased that Zeppelin has chosen to set up operations in the middle of an optimal logistics hub next to Göteborg Landvetter Airport, with its proximity to air links, the biggest cities in the region, Gothenburg and Boras, to the Port of Gothenburg, and also to the large road network here. With its international profile, Zeppelin will fit in well with the mix of companies setting up operations here. We are now planning for a Logistics Park 2 in order to meet the strong demand,” said Stefan Stenberg, CEO of Swedavia Real Estate.

Meanwhile Voker Possögel, CEO of Zeppelin Nordics and Zeppelin Sverige commented that the choice location means Zeppelin can now focus on its regional expansion. “It will be easier than ever to reach us whatever the transportation mode. The idea is for the building to be certified for its environmental performance.” He also noted that in line with Swedavia’s lower carbon goals, “The Zeppelin Group works with great purpose to ensure that all strategic business units will be carbon-neutral before 2030, both in terms of premises and operations.”

The next step in the development of Airport City Goteborg is Logistics Park 2, which is in the planning stage. To meet tomorrow’s needs for large modern and efficient warehouses and logistics buildings, a zoning plan for the development of about 350,000 sq. m. or logistics facilities is now being prepared.


Munich Airport reports passenger growth as shops and restaurants reopen

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In response to growth in passenger traffic, Munich Airport in Germany has significantly expanded its services.

On average there are currently 400 take-offs and landings with more than 30,000 passengers every day at the Bavarian gateway. Passengers can now make the most of an extensive range of catering, shops and services. In total, more than 20 restaurants and bars, some 45 shops and six car rental offices have reopened across the airport’s two terminals, the Munich Airport Center (MAC) and the Visitors Park.

In line with traffic growth, the airport is also resuming its role as a popular destination for new and innovative retail and catering concepts. The Hard Rock Cafe Munich Airport Rock Shop is just one such retail offering opening its doors in the MAC. Since May, there has also been an attractive new addition to the food and beverage offering at the airport. dean&david, a Munich-based company that is synonymous with healthy food, high-quality ingredients and sustainable consumption is serving up salads.

In the MyDutyFree shopping area in Terminal 2, passengers can now enjoy a hospitality area with a bar and stools. What’s more, passengers can now have fun with a newly developed digital wheel of fortune: every passenger departing from Terminal 2 has a one-time chance to spin the wheel of fortune and win shopping vouchers or gifts.