As a result of the decline in air travel following the coronavirus pandemic Vancouver Airport Authority has decided to terminate its CORE programme, a large infrastructure project as part of its ambition to build the airport of the future. In response to changes brought about as a result of COVID-19, the airport authority has decided instead to prioritise its resources on more immediate infrastructure as well as health and safety needs to support the recovery and restart of aviation.

In a statement the airport said that while the CORE Program was designed when Vancouver Airport was experiencing double digit growth the ongoing decline of air travel has meant there is no longer an immediate need for the additional capacity in utilities or parking. In addition to focusing on measures such as trials for health screening and testing, the airport authority will improve data and technology infrastructure, enhance cargo facilities, and pursue projects including airfield infrastructure projects that while be easier to carry out while the airport is less busy.

“Cancelling this major infrastructure project was a difficult but necessary decision. We simply do not need the capacity this project brings for the forseeable future and need to prioritise our resources elsewhere,” said Tamara Vrooman, President & CEO, Vancouver Airport Authority. “Making this decision is one more step in preserving the ongoing financial stability of Vancouver Airport Authority so that we can continue to serve our community and focus our resources on the immediate needs of the airport.”

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