Cologne Bonn Airport has unveiled what is possibly the world’s first gin vending machine. The local Rhineland Siegfried brand is respected worldwide for its high-quality spirits and as pioneers in the field of non-alcoholic distillates as the first spirits producer. The company unveiled its first Travel-Value store in the security area of Terminal 1 at Cologne Bonn on 18 September.

“We are proud to welcome Siegfried as a partner at our airport,” said Johan Vannestse, President and CEO of Flughafen Koln/ Bonn. “Siegfried is not only innovative and creative, it is also a perfect embodiment of the Rhineland in all its facets. Siegfried’s alcoholic and non-alcoholic ranges are a perfect fit for our concept of offering our passengers a unique shopping experience. In future, our passengers will be able to take a piece of the Rhineland with them in their hand luggage.”

Located in the centre of the almost 100 sq.m retail space stands what is being described as possibly the world’s first gin vending machine. Passengers can purchase Rheinland Distillers’ products at standard market prices and sizes, paying by card. In keeping with the motto “Say Hello to Siegfried,” the gallery wall shows some of the most important milestones in the start-up’s history, as well as a selfie spot for the social media community.

“We are proud and grateful that in Cologne Bonn Airport we have found a partner who so actively supports our dream of taking the brand to the world,” said Raphael Vollmar of Siegfried. “In the seven years that Siegfried has been on the market, we have experienced a lot of surprises and exciting collaborations. Cologne Bonn Airport’s engagement is definitely one of them and we are very grateful for it.”

Turning beer to gin at Munich

Meanwhile at Munich Airport’s popular Airbräu brewery, brewmaster Rene Jacobsen got creative with leftover beer when the airport outlet’s beer taps came to a standstill due to a lack of passengers during lockdown. Instead of simply pouring away 4,000 litres of leftover Airbräu beer he developed a gin-style beer spirit under the brand name “Mountain Hub Distillers” in cooperation with the Hilton Munich Airport Hotel. Distilling Airbräu beer with selected so-called botanicals resulted in the rich and aromatic “infused beer spirit”, which combines the taste of strong beer and high-percentage juniper aromas.

From the 4,000 litres of beer a total of almost 300 litres of exclusively distilled beer gin was produced and is now available at Munich Airport’s Airbräu, the Mountain Hub restaurants and the Hilton Bar.

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