Skyports Infrastructure has had its vertiport design approved for development in Dubai. The design was jointly presented by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Skyports Infrastructure and Joby Aviation at the World Government Summit 2023 and approved by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, of Dubai.

The plans proposed the RTA and Skyports Infrastructure’s planned roadmap for developing a vertiport network in Dubai, for launch by 2026, including a concept outlining the look of future vertiport infrastructure and how it will integrate with existing transportation such as the RTA’s Dubai Metro Network and Dubai International Airport.

“The RTA’s plan for aerial taxis is in line with the Dubai Self-Driving Transport Strategy, which aims to make 25% of all trips in Dubai driverless by 2030,” said Ahmed Bahrozyan, Chief Executive Officer of the Public Transport Agency, RTA. “The project aims to roll out a new mobility service driven by pioneering technology to ease the mobility of individuals across urban areas in a safe, smooth and sustainable manner integrated with the public transport network in Dubai. The project is set to be operational by 2026,” he added.

The closed presentation additionally referenced four example vertiport sites located near Dubai International Airport, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Downtown and Dubai Marina and included an architectural model of the Skyports vertiport near Dubai International Airport.

Duncan Walker, CEO, Skyports, said the advanced air mobility (AAM) infrastructure provider was honoured by the endorsement: “The appetite for technology innovation and infrastructure expansion in Dubai makes it a hugely promising environment for the launch of advanced air mobility. We’re excited to continue working with the RTA to make our joint vision of an integrated vertiport network a reality in 2026.”

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