Rohde & Schwarz has begun delivery of its innovative air-liftable ATC radio system for Swiss air navigation services provider (ANSP), Skyguide.

Operational air traffic control (ATC) is paramount, especially in areas hit by disaster or other adverse impacts on critical infrastructure. Rohde & Schwarz mobile ATC shelters enable ANSPs to get safe air traffic operational in minimal time.

In collaboration with Skyguide, Rohde & Schwarz  developed and delivered a customised mobile ATC shelter as part of the MObile ATC Radio System (M.A.R.S.) project. The shelter includes a complete CERTIUM radio system, as well as a unique 24 volt on-board battery system that enables the shelter to operate without power for three hours. The lightweight design means the shelter can be deployed by either helicopter or a small truck with a forklift, making it ideal for quick reaction to adverse conditions. To facilitate longer operation in the second phase, a diesel-powered generator can also be deployed. Additionally, as the shelter can be controlled by the R&S RCMS II umbrella software solution, engineering personnel can monitor these radios from multiple locations.

“We expected a professional solution from Rohde & Schwarz and we are very pleased with the result,” said Stephan Meister, Skyguide’s Head of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance. “The improvements Rohde & Schwarz brought in make a significant contribution to usability and flexibility and represent considerable added value for us.”

Marius Munstermann, VP ATC at Rohde & Schwarz added: “Mobile shelters in various configurations are an ideal backup in case of ATC infrastructure being affected by natural disaster, attacks or other failures”

He was joined by Heinz Scholl, Managing Director of Roschi Rohde & Schwarz, who explained that “working to a tight project schedule, our fully qualified teams from Bern, Munich and Teisnach once again executed fast integration and project handling on time and on budget. With only 10 months for design, integration, testing and delivery of the system, this is a truly admirable feat.”

Header image: Rohde & Schwarz has recently developed and delivered a customized mobile ATC shelter as part of the M.A.R.S. project with Skyguide. (Photo: Rohde & Schwarz)


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