Perth Airport has become a support member of Indigenous Art Code (IartC), calling for fair and ethical trade with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists as well as transparency in promoting and selling artwork.

The establishment of the voluntary industry code came about in 2007 when a Senate Inquiry into Australia’s Indigenous visual arts industry recommended it to guide ethical commerce in the sector.

Commenting on the airport’s commitment to promoting fair trade in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artwork, particularly art products targeting the tourist market, Perth Airport’s CCO, Kate Holsgrove said: “We want transparency and integrity in hte market. And the Code can guide retailers to achieve this.

“We agree with the Indigenous Art Code’s concerns regarding selling artworks and artefacts that appropriate Aboriginal and Torres Strait culture and designs, fake art.”

She added that “these goods are usually targeted at the tourism market. Most visitors to Perth and Western Australia travel through this airport. We believe we can make a difference.

“We will promote the Code to passengers wanting to purchase art while in Western Australia, and we will engaging with our retail partners to encourage alignment to the Code in order to provide our customers the confidence on the products available for sale in the airport.

“Perth Airport is committed to reconciliation and recognising the strong cultural connection that the Whadjuk people and other members of the Noongar Nation have to the airport estate – and our association with the Code is just another initiative on our reconciliation journey.”

Gabrielle Sullivan, CEO of the Indigenous Art Code added: “We hope Perth Airport’s commitment to promoting fair and ethical trade with Aboriginal and Torres Strati Islander artists influences their retail partners to make considered choices in the artwork and art products they stock and that consumers are aware and ask:

“Who is the artist? Where is the artist from? How did you get the artwork or art product in our shop? How was the artist paid for their work? If it is a reproduction of an artist’s work, how are royalties or licensing fees paid to the artists?”

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