Modesto City-County Airport’s FBO, which was previously named Sky Trek Aviation, has unveiled a new name, Modesto Jet Center, following a change in ownership.

Operated for more than 30 years by Jim Van Heukelem, Penny Weber and John Rogers, the FBO was acquired by long-standing customers of Sky Trek Aviation, Matt Bosco and Dan Kimmel.

“We have great respect for the longevity of this esteemed operation,” said Bosco. “The experienced team – some of whom have been around for more than 20 years – have carefully built a reputation for exceptional customer care. We’re looking forward to working with them to uphold that reputation for heightened service in the region.”

With 30 years experience in the aviation industry, the last 20 of which have been spent with pacific States Aviation in Concord, California, John Earl has been appointed as general manager of the facility. To enhance the customer experience, Modesto Jet Center will see a refresh of its branding and certain areas, such as the lobby, pilot lounges and staff offices.

Kimmel commented: “Our team is excited to come in and give the facility a fresh look to enhance the already exceptional customer experience. We have extensive plans for the facility upgrade, which will go hand-in-hand with the brand refresh.”

As an Avfuel-branded FBO, Modesto Jet Center will continue to offer its customers fuel sales through Avfuel Contract Fuel and lucrative awards with AVTRIP. The maintenance and avionics division of Sky Trek Aviation will be operated by Mather Aviation, with Victor Cushing, Mather Aviation’s owner and president saying: “The Mather Aviation team has built a strong relationship with Modesto Jet Center’s new owner, Matt and Dan, over the years, and we’re proud to now collaborate with the FBO’s team to provide comprehensive aviation services to Modesto’s aviation clientele.”

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