Despite the cancellation, due to the coronavirus outbreak, of this year’s World Air Traffic Management which was due to take place in Madrid 10-12 March,  The Hungarian Air Navigation Services Provider (ANSP) HungaroControl is proceeding with the launch of SkyHub, the brand behind all its complex products and services, which make up the company’s tailored solutions to industry. Under SkyHub the company plans to continue tackling customers’ most tackling issues and deliver sustainable performance.

Attila Simon, Director of Business Development commente: “We are about to launch SkyHub, the brand behind all our complex products and services together, that provide end-to-end tailored solutions to industry. This is the next step in our evolution to stay at the forefront of the ATM industry.”

Additionally, the company has stated that is already harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to leverage its benefits within simulation and operational environments. An example of this is HungaroControl’s Virtual Pseudo Pilot, the ultimate software solution for ATC simulators built with unique pilot logic, which executes pseudo pilot tasks. Similarly, its AI based DeFog Tool is a state-of-the-art software solution enables you to guide aircraft even in dense fog.

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