With the need for greater sustainability, safety and efficiency driving airport ground support operations, Taylor-Dunn in partnership with A&V Rebuilding Inc and LevCon Inc., has unveiled its advanced lithium technology to address all those needs at this week’s GSE Expo in Las Vegas, US.

The innovative technology has been engineered into the Tiger tow tractor, providing the same 60,000 lbs of towing capacity, while offering zero vehicle emissions for increased sustainability, decreased maintenance for grater labour efficiencies, greater cost savings and increased safety benefits.

“We could not be more excited to unite the trusted Tiger tow tractor and the proven manufacturing capabilities of Taylor-Dunn with this new Li-ion technology for ground support,” said Gerry Hoadley, President, A&V Rebuilding Inc. “With increased sustainability goals across airports and airlines, this new vehicle helps customers meet and exceed their goals, without ever sacrificing productivity. While we’ve been remanufacturing similar systems for years, the partnership with Taylor-Dunn allows new, electrified vehicles to be brought down the production line at scale to meet the rapidly growing customer demands.”

To help reduce emissions on the airfield, there is a need to overcome charging infrastructure barriers at airports. As an all-electric vehicle, the Li-ion Tiger eliminates unnecessary emissions caused by traditional combustion vehicles and the new Tiger TC 3060 Li-Ion comes with multiple charging options. When it comes to enhanced safety, vehicle electrification unlocks the ability to offer smart technology like the patent-pending anti-rollover system and programmable acceleration and speed. This programmability allows users to manage their operations while meeting safety standards. Meanwhile, easily accessible inching buttons at the rear of the tractor allow a single employee to attach and detach the tow bars. Safety is also enhanced through increased visibility due to LED head and taillights as well as orange safety seat belts. Rectractable seatbelts provide easy ingress and egress and include an electronic switch to ensure the operator’s seat belt is fastened before the vehicle is put in motion.

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