Dane County Regional Airport has installed a Short Story Dispenser to allow passengers travelling through the airport to receive a short story to read while waiting for their flight.

Dane County story dispenser

Image: Dane County Regional Airport short story dispenser

The airport is the first in the country to purchase a Short Story Dispenser, and with it aims to connect the local community with an experience of literature, with thousands of different stories from famous authors like Charles Dickens and Edgar Allan Poe, to local residents who can submit stories online.

“The Short Story Dispenser will allow those travelling through the Dane County Regional Airport to connect with stories from independent authors and unwind before taking off on their flight. We look forward to having passengers use the story dispenser and hope they enjoy this unique feature at our airport,” said Dane County executive Joe Parisi.

The Short Story Dispenser features the options of 1 minute, 3 minute, or children’s stories and stories are printed on an eco-friendly scroll that uses no ink or cartridge.

“I think it is easy for people to get distracted by life on their phone, especially when waiting for their airplane to leave. We hope this can brighten the life of our passengers and have them leave the airport with a smile on their face and an experience to share,” commented Kim Jones, airport director.

The airport is also partnering with the Dane County Library Service to create a ‘Free Little Library’ within the airport to support reading and interaction between passengers.

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Image: Short Edition. Copyright Sophie Crepy Boegly Musée d’Orsay




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