The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Colombia (Aerocivil) has awarded Rohde & Schwarz a contract to deploy CERTIUM voice communication systems (VCS) at 36 airports. The agreement complements more than 1000 CERTIUM air traffic control (ATC) radios installed in more than 80 airports throughout the country.

All systems, which consist of compact IP based VCS equipment will all be delivered by the end of this year and will feature certified training, management and maintenance software.

CERTIUM VCS will be deployed in six main clusters, with each cluster covering several airports throughout a region. Centralised monitoring and managemetn is provided at each regional headquarter, via an Aerocivil wide area network. Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) at each airport provide additional redundancy for each controller working position. In Colombia, air traffic safety, security and efficiency are kept in pace with current requirements.

“Rohde & Schwarz is proud to provide Aerocivil with the latest communications technology,” said Mauricio Samudio, General Manager, Rohde & Schwarz Colombia S.A.S. “We have a long lasting, successful relationship with our Colombian administration. This allows us to support Aerocivil’s digitalisation roadmap with solutions that allow them to continue safe operations and reliably meet future challenges. Covering the area from the Colombian Caribbean all the way to the Amazon rainforest, this contract is a milestone for ATC in the region.”

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