Manufacturer and distributor of airport furniture, Arconas, has launched Avro, as a complete, high-performance seating ecosystem built for the future.

The seating solution provides operators with a flexible seating system for all types of travellers and combines visionary engineering and integrated power with an elegant design. Avro elevates any interior space and brings the VIP lounge experience to any waiting area with one single, easy-to-install system. The universal beam structure allows all seat types to be easily installed, removed or replaced, making Avro simple to maintain, clean and reconfigure as needs change.

Describing Avro as the most “versatile airport furniture ecosystem on the market today,” Lynn Gordon, Arconas’ VP of Business Development, added: “Our patented universal connector is engineered to accommodate Avro’s entire extended family of seating, including tandem, hospitality lounge, and upholstered recliners, as well as benches, tables and accessories.”

Avro incorporates low-voltage USA-A and USB-C outlets in the armrests to passengers can charge their devices or catch up on work while in the airport. The patented, retrofittable outlets ensure ease-of-maintenance, while future-proofing the power supply as technology evolves.

Avro partnered with London-based design studio Pearson Lloyd on its latest seating solution. Tom Lloyd, Principal at Pearson Lloyd commented: “Avro’s elegant aesthetic elevates airport design and enriches the passenger experience. Circular design is an essential part of Avro. We wanted to address the three users in the room – the operator, the user and the planet.”

Crafted from recyclable aluminium, all Avro’s structural components are designed to be easily replaceable to minimise waste and maximise Avro’s lifespan. Seating shells are stackable for efficient and economical shipping, while the fully demountable system is engineered for easy onsite assembly, ensuring Avro carbon emissions are the lowest they can possibly be. At the end of its useful life, post-consumer polypropylene shells can be repurposed to create clothing and industrial fibres, containers, storage racks and other items.

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