With COVID-19 lockdowns starting to ease, Veovo, the airport platform solutions provider, has released its Virtual Queueing and Passenger Density Management tools, which have been designed to monitor crowd density and maintain safe distancing airport-wide.

Veovo’s new solutions use movement monitoring and machine learning to offer real-time and predictive passenger density and movement insights.

Its Virtual Queuing solution enables travellers to pre-book a time slot for processing at airport checkpoints rather than having to wait in line. According to Veovo it will help prevent too many people from congregating in one area and will evenly distribute passengers across the airport’s checkpoints.

Meanwhile the Passenger Density Management solution monitors crowd density in queues and spaces throughout the terminal, enabling airports to take action if social distancing limits are at risk of being breached.

Acknowledging the enormous challenge the industry currently faces in supporting physical distancing, James Williamson, CEO of Veovo, commented: “To safely manage crowding, operators need accurate, timely data. By accommodating new social distancing needs in our solution, we enable safe and proactive planning to reduce crowds and to make hand sanitation and disinfection programmes more effective.”

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