Finavia steps up use of masks for passengers and staff

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Finnish airport operator Finavia is expanding the use of masks at its airports.All airport personnel working in a customer facing environment are required to wear mouth-nose protectors and passengers are also advised to use masks while moving through its airports.

“Now that Finland is gradually easing the coronavirus-related restrictions, Finavia turns its gaze to the future as well,” said Ulla Lettijeff, Helsinki’s Airport Director. “We are preparing ourselves for the return of air traffic carefully and gradually. We have already implemented various coronavirus-related measures at our airports and, if necessary, we are ready to adapt our instructions quickly. Right now, we are expanding the use of masks to protect passengers and employees,” she continued.

Lettijeff also urged passengers to acquire their own masks before arriving at the airport, as she stressed that the airport has only reserved a limited number of mouth-nose protectors. “Airport employees have already had access to masks but, going forward, Finavia is requiring the use of a mask in customer service tasks at all workstations that do not have a seperate protective plastic barrier,” she said.

Finavia is offering one batch of mouth-nose protectors initially to those companies at its airports working in a customer interfacing environment. Beyond the initial supply the airport operator requires individual companies to take care of their own employees independently.

In addition to the use of masks, Finavia has already implemented various other measures to ensure passenger and staff wellbeing and to reduce the risk of the further spread of coronavirus. Hand sanitiser is available at customer service points and security control. Passengers are reminded to keep a safe distance with tape markings and authorities’ instructions. Airport buses only transport 50% of the normal number of passengers. The airport has also introduced intensified cleaning and disinfection of contact surfaces in terminals and is recommending that passengers complete their online check-in before arriving at the airport wherever possible.