Pyramid Computer, which manufactures self-service kiosks, has unveiled its polytouch 32 PE4000, the world’s first system to combine four self-service kiosks on a single pedestal.

Featuring four 32-inch touchscreens, the space-saving kiosk is capable of quadrupling the number of potential user interactions and sales opportunities from a single installation, making it ideally suited to the airport environment.

“Airports are calling for kiosk systems which allow multiple customers to check-in with greater convenience and speed,” said Patrick Hagemeister, US Sales Manager, Pyramid Computer. “The polytouch® 32 PE4000 meets the growing demand for more powerful solutions, capable of addressing high and highest usage frequency applications, busting queues even during extreme peak times.”

Pyramid designed the new polytouch 32 PE4000 with one PC per touchscreen display to maximise the reliability of the complete system. At the same time, the performance of the individual applications per display increases. A removable cover in the pedestal allows quick access to all PC-units for maintenance purposes. The 4-in-1 solution also significantly reduces investment costs compared to several individual systems.

The kiosks can be branded and customised to a high degree to create a highly individual look. Depending on the application it can be fitted with a broad range of peripherals such as 2D or 3D scanners, thermal printers, or payment modules of various makes and models. What’s more, for special applications that may involve AI technology, Pyramid can also integrate peripherals such as cameras into the display frame.

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