French airport operator, Vinci Airports, has selected IDEMIA and Resa Airport Data Systems (RESA) to trial a world first – a wholly contactless and biometrics-based passenger experience in Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport. The new system will initially be available at the French hub for Transavia and TAP flights to Portugal.

“We are thrilled to launch MONA today, a world first, at a time when airports need game-changing innovations so they can give passengers an even safer, more enjoyable and personalised experience,” said Vinci Airports France & Americas Director Valérie Vesque-Jeancard.

The remote smartphone-based passenger biometric registration gives passengers a smoother, contactless end to end solution from ID registration until they board the aircraft. The process starts at home with passengers registering their faces at home using Mona, Lyon Airport’s smartphone app. Passenger registration is secured by a biometric match between their smartphone-based face and scans of their ID document and boarding card. Described as a ‘totally accurate and reliable identity management system’ IDEMIA’s solution enables passengers to speed through all identity control points without having to show their travel documents.

Philippe Barreau, IDEMIA Executive VP Identity and Public Safety, explained that, “This trial harnesses contactless biometric technology that gives users an unrivalled airport experience without letting up one jot on security. This bears out our capacity to constantly innovate to safeguard passenger trust and help pave the way for even smoother and more secure future travel.”

As a leading biometric security solutions market leader IDEMIA has partnered with leading airport systems integrator RESA. The latter’s automatic and biometric compact gate dubbed Major eGate, (which also caters for passengers with disabilities), comes with an integrated camera that allows travellers to pass through to the security restricted area and then board the aircraft based merely on facial recognition.

“Current Covid restrictions forced us to rethink how to take care of passengers and their interactions with airport security staff and equipment,” said RESA CEO Renaud Willard. “The biometric trial underway at Lyon Airport was made possible by French industrial collaboration, whereby hi-tech saved the day despite the current pandemic and economic crisis. We have shown here that passengers can pass through airport checks fully contactless and without handing over paper documents while shoring up security to boot.”

RESA’s IATA-certified CUPPS system means that as well as being universal and secure, IDEMIA’s solution works on all airline systems. However, while France’s national authority responsible for data privacy (CNIL) has recommended this new service to safeguard passenger data and rights, it is still subject to formal CNIL approval.

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