In response to the impact that global coronavirus pandemic is having on air travel, Vanderlande, which specialises in baggage handling and value-added logistic process automation for airports, is offering its expertise for 360° disinfecting systems for hold baggage freely to the the global airport community.

Acknowledging the industry’s common goal – to restore confidence in the health and safety of air travel – Vanderlande has been actively engaged in the research and development of baggage disinfection systems. In doing so it has analysed the processes surrounding the passenger and baggage journeys through an airport and concludes that an effective solution cannot be solely dependent on one specific technology.

“We believe it is crucial to work partnership with our customers and the airport industry at large to restore passenger confidence in travel,” said Andrew Manship, Vanderlande’s Executive Vice President Airports and Board Member. The company plans to release specifications for 360° disinfecting systems for hold baggage based on research conducted in North America. These specifications will be offered freely to the industry in order to support airports and airlines as they adapt to post COVID-19 operations.

“This sector has endured one of the biggest impacts of the coronavirus crisis, and we believe that the sharing of information and working closely together are the key to our market being able to adapt rapidly to the continuing challenges of the pandemic,” Manship added.

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