In preparation for the holiday season in the US, Tucson International Airport in Arizona has turned its attention to new ultra low cost carriers (ULCCs) with the arrival of Allegiant and Frontier.

As of November, Allegiant will offer flights to Bellingham (Vancouver) and Provo (Utah) from Tucson, while Frontier will link with Denver (Colorado).

Sun Country Airlines, which also served the Arizona hub last winter, will adopt the ULCC model when it returns to the airport in December.

While revealing that ULCC airlines are a new model at Tucson International Airport, Bonnie Allin, Tucson Airport’s president and CEO revealed in a statement that “they’ve gained wide-spread acceptance for opening up new flying opportunities to the public.” She also added: “We’re excited to offer the new options to our passengers and all of Southern Arizona.”

Allin also stressed that the more passengers use these new flights and services, the better the chances of getting “even more air service to new destinations in the future.”

Having experienced strong passenger growth to date this year, Tucson is anticipating that almost 150,000 passengers are expected to travel through the airport in the 11 days surrounding Thanksgiving this year. This means on average around 35% more passengers per day.


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