With airports everywhere innovating to make sure their terminals are safe and touchpoints are kept to a minimum, Tucson Airport (TUS) in the US has come with an innovative solution. All five of the airport’s pre-security elevators now have toe-tap buttons.

Installation of the buttons  (which are located both inside and outside the elevator) was carried out by KONE, the Tucson Airport Authority’s (TAA) elevator service provider at a cost of under $70,000.

TAA has invested more than a quarter of a million dollars in upgrades throughout its TUS Cares campaign to ensure a safe and healthy experience for passengers, employees and tenants. While some changes such as  the mandate for face coverings and the introduction of plexiglass shields are more apparent, others such as an enhanced air filtration system are less obvious.

Bruce Goetz, TAA’s COO and VP of Operations, explained that, “Custodial crews do a great job of thoroughly cleaning and sanitising the entire terminal… the toe tap buttons provide the option to people concerned about touching too many surfaces.”

The buttons are intended to limit the potential spread of COVId-19, but the convenience they provide is likely to benefit travellers long after the pandmeic has passed.

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