Transoft Solutions has updated its aviation obstacle clearance and limitation tool, SkySAFE.

An advanced CAD-based software tool, SkySAFE is primarily used for safeguarding the operational areas in and around airports and assists planners with obstacle limitation analysis and clearance compliance. Being able to analyse the impact of permanent and temporary obstacles both at the airport and within its extended operational environment is a vital safety task for every airport.

SkySAFE can be used to assess compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations, as well as several other national regulatory frameworks. In addition, it allows accurate and efficient analysis of fixed and temporary obstacles, to avoid penetrating or threatening the obstacle limitation surfaces defined in regulatory guidelines.

SkySAFE offers several new and improved functions, with the most significant being an all-new command to perofrm ICAO, EASA and PSA (France) PAPI/ APAPI surface analyses. The tool can be used to define the PAPI/ APAPI parameters for each runaway end in terms of the glidepath slope, the pilot’s eye height in relation to the instrument landing system (ILS) antenna (if applicable), the main gear height above the runway as it crosses the threshold and the wingbar displacement from the runway end. This is to ensure the proper light colour visibility for the pilot upon approach.

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