Tenerife North (TFN) has been ranked No. 1 globally in OAG’s punctuality league 2018 for small airports (airports serving 2.5 – 5 million departing seats per annum).

TFN was the only airport in the world to achieve on-time performance (OTP) of over 90% in 2017, although 10 of the Top 20 airports achieved 85% or higher of flights operating within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival and departure times. European  airports fared particularly well overall in the small airports category with Hannover (Germany), Brussels South Charleroi (Belgium), Liverpool (UK), Gdansk (Poland) and Bergen and Stavanger (Norway) all featured among the top 10 airports.

Tenerife’s neighbouring island, Fuerteventura, also appeared in the Top 20 for the first time, with its airport rising through the ranks to take 16th position with 83.9% in the short-list for small airports. Bilbao also made the Top 20 cut for the first time achieving 83.4% OTP.

Two new entrants in the small airports category were Gdansk in Poland and San Jose Cabo in the US, both of which achieved over 84.6% in their OTP ratings.

Top 20 domestic routes
New for OAG’s punctuality league 2018 is OTP for the Top 20 biggest domestic routes, which was dominated by links in Asia, Australia, the US and Latin America. The highest density domestic route was Jeju-Seoul with a frequency of 64,991 and an average OTP of 74.1%. Melbourne-Sydney followed closely in second place with a frequency of 54,519 and average OTP of 74.1%, while Mumbai to Delhi came in third place with a frequency of 47,462 and average OTP of 59.1%.

LCC airlines
Among the rankings for low-cost carriers (LCCs), Europe-based Vueling Airlines, Jetstar Asia (which is new to the OAG punctuality league) and Sykmark Airlines (which is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan) took the top three positions respectively for their OTP. Vueling Airlines (which ranked 7th amongst all airlines) has made significant improvements in OTP this year, improving its performance by over 13% compared to last year.

To access OAG’s full report online visit www.oag.com

Header image: Tenerife North Airport, which was ranked No. 1 among small airports for its OTP in OAG’s punctuality league 2018.

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