Gloucestershire Airport in UK appoints new Managing Director

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Gloucestershire Airport in the UK has appointed Karen Taylor as the airport’s new Managing Director. The new role will take effect immediately.

The strategic location of the airfield is key to helping drive the county’s economic development ambitions and is ideally placed near to the cyber development at Golden Valley and Gloucester’s digital campus, The Forum. As such it plays a key role in supporting the local economy, both as a travel gateway and as a base for a range of businesses, including engineering, aerospace plus charter flights, flight training, and leisure flights.

Prior to her new role as Managing Director, Taylor served as the Interim Managing Director and Commercial Finance Director  and has played an integral role in developing the long-term vision for the airport. She has been instrumental in securing funding for runway improvement works and other critical capital improvements that will boost the airport’s status as a ‘gateway for growth’ and will be key to driving the airport’s development.

Commenting on her new role, Taylor said: “Gloucestershire Airport is a unique and important asset for the country. I firmly believe we have a strong foundation to develop the airport into a ‘gateway for growth’ for the many significant developments being brought forward across the region; a destination of choice providing connectivity to and from national and international destinations; and a centre of excellence for all aspects of business aviation, aviation training and other related activity.”

In line with the airport’s long-term vision for growth as a sustainable business, the regional hub is embarking on a programme of activity that will create around 1,520 jobs and enable airport improvements. This includes the new CGX Connect business park development, which has been submitted for planning consent to Tewkesbury Borough Council.

“Business growth at the airport means more choice and better services for existing airport users and will encourage individuals and businesses from across the region to realise the value of having a regional airport they can use for business and leisure right on their doorstep,” Taylor added.

The new development will also support the Airport to identify and deliver projects embracing alternative clean energy supplies and green technologies to help reduce carbon footprint, while also underpinning a long-term commitment to attract and promote associated aviation related environmental research and development.