With an increased flow of passengers expected throughout the coming week and Christmas period, Swedavia has launched the AI-based chatbot, Swea, to assist passengers both before their journey and at the airport.

Accessed via Swedavia’s website, as well as Facebook Messenger, Swea covers all ten Swedavia airports around the clock. It can answer questions about flights, baggage arrival times, current waiting times at the security checkpoint and the range of goods and services available.

Answers are available in both Swedish and English and passengers can ask questions ranging from which gate their flight departs to where the nearest vegetarian restaurant is at the airport and what time their baggage is arriving and on what baggage belt. Passengers can also request flight updates to be sent to their mobile device directly.

“Our new chatbot is a key component of our digital transformation, which will make it easier for our passengers to ask questions, get guidance and have a smoother start to their journey,” said Karin Gylin, head of innovation at Swedavia.

Developed in partnership with Airport.ai, which specialises in developing digital solutions for airports, the Swea chatbot will gradually refine its answers the more interaction it receives.

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