Swedish airport operator, Swedavia, is adopting a strategy for 10 of its airports to handle electric aircraft. A testing venue is planned to be put into operation this autumn at Åre Östersund Airport with the aim of launching the first commercial electrified route by around 2025. 

This project is a part of Swedavia’s ambition to promote the transition to fossil-free domestic domestic air transport in Sweden by 2030 and fossil-free air transport for all flights originating in the country by 2045. The airline has been working to transition to bio jet fuel with the aim that 5% of fuel used to refuel at Swedish airports will be fossil-free by 2025. 

“Bio jet fuel is critical in a short-term perspective for driving the aviation industry’s transformation in the face of climate change. But in the long term, electrification can also play a key role. Swedavia wants to take an active part at an early stage of this development and get an understanding of the conditions needed for electric aviation from an infrastructure perspective,” said Jonas Abrahamsson, Swedavia’s President and CEO.

Looking ahead all 10 of Swedavia’s airports will all be developed for handling electric aircraft with Åre Östersund, Umeå Airport and Visby Airport already in the initial stages of developing electric aviation.

Operations for a testing venue are expected to begin in Autumn 2020, flying between Åre Östersund and Røros Airport in Norway. This movement is in collaboration with a number of partners in Sweden and Norway who are within the EU project Green Flyway. Currently, plans for aircraft parking stands, infrastructure for charging stations and the power supply are underway. 

Abrahamsson added: “We believe there is good potential for the first commercial electrified route in Sweden within five years. In the longer term, the electrification of routes can be an important addition to today’s scheduled traffic, primarily domestic flights. But electric air transport can also lead to brand-new routes between regional centres, which would benefit access and regional growth as well as create a whole new business model for air transport.”

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