Sky Harbour Group officially opened its new, private aviation campus at Houston’s Sugar Land Regional Airport on 19 May.

The opening of Sky Harbour’s facility at the Houston regional hub, will mark the first of the New York-based company’s planned four national private hangar locations. In addition to Houston, these include Nashville, Tennessee; Miami, Florida; Denver, Colorado, and more fields to come.

According to Sky Harbour, its line crew ensures the shortest time to wheels up at Sugar Land  by exclusively servicing Sky Harbour’s private hangar tenants. Each Sky Harbour hangar features temperature and humidity control, drive-in vehicle access, indoor and outdoor parking, and all features required for routine aircraft maintenance and inspection. Premium interior suites include private offices, lounges, kitchens, bathrooms, showers, laundry and crew facilities.

“We aim to be the best home base in aviation, bar none, maximising the value that owners derive from their aircraft,” said Sky Harbour CEO Tal Keinan.

Sky Harbour’s home-base hangar campus represents a strategic new paradigm. It exclusively serves aircraft that spend the majority of time at their home base. This is where they uplift most of their fuel and perform the bulk of their routine maintenance, servicing and cleaning. As such, Sky Harbour’s purpose-built facilities and best-in-class services are designed to deliver optimal outcomes for owners, operators and passengers.

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