Boosting the capacity available for private flights into London, Stobart Aviation has launched a new executive jet fixed based operator (FBO) at London Southend Airport.

Promising to outstrip competitors on price, speed and convenience, the new FBO will operate 24/7 all year round (except Christmas day). Offering unrestricted slots and a VIP experience at competitive prices, the centre is expected to cater for 5,000 flights per year by 2022.

Located less than 50 miles from the heart of London’s West End and with six trains per hour into the city, London Southend offers strong rail and road links to the centre of London. Meanwhile, helicopter transfers to and from Canary Wharf or Battersea Heliport take just 10 minutes from London Southend.

London Southend also has the added advantage of no slot restrictions, so is able to reduce flight times, by offering faster departure routes outside of Heathrow airspace.

Talking at the launch event for the new FBO, Stephen Grimes, MD, Stobart Jet Centre Limited said:

Always at the heart of our thinking for this new FBO has been to provide our customers with the utmost convenience, speed and comfort. We will be also offering the most competitive prices in the London business and private aviation market.

The Stobart Jet Centre will give our customers a fast, hassle-free service 24 hours a day with home from home comfort and no slot restrictions.

We are absolutely confident that Stobart Jet Centre provides a unique environment and refreshing alternative to other airports serving London.

Inset image: From left to right – Steve Grimes, CEO of Stobart Jet Centre, Ronan Keating, lead singer of Irish boy band Boyzone, Andrew Tinkler, executive director, Stobart Group and Warwick Brady, CEO, Stobart Group at the launch party for Stobart Jet Centre. 

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