London City

Having scrapped the requirement to remove liquids from cabin baggage during the security screening process, six British airports reinstated the 100ml liquid limit rule for cabin luggage on 9 June to “enable further improvements” to be made to scanning equipment.

The airports, which include Newcastle, Leeds Bradford, London City, Southend, Aberdeen and Teesside, had met the UK deadline to relax the requirements by 1 June this year following the installation of new hi-tech Computed Tomography (CT) scanners, which create a 3D image of inside a passengers’ bags. While the UK’s major air transport hubs, including Heathrow and Manchester, failed to meet the deadline, the six regional airports were on track with passengers able to carry up to 2 litres of liquid without having to remove it from their hand baggage.

While the Department for Transport (DfT) stated the move to reintroduce the need to remove liquids from hand luggage was not in response to security threats, the temporary measure will enable changes to be made, with the  DfT hoping to reinstate the relaxation of the rule in due course.

Image: [C] London City

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