With demand for air travel surging across North America, KSNL Aero is expanding its operations by offering maintenance support to regional aircraft operators at its Shawnee Regional Airport facility in Oklahoma. The Shawnee-based aviation company, which provides a range of maintenance support, tooling and spare parts for a variety of turbine, regional, turboprop and reciprocating engine aircraft is looking for new regional aircraft customers to support.

“We have a loyal customer base that is made up of aircraft owners and operators across North America,” said Darrin Lofton, KSNL Aero President. “Increasing our MRO presence within the regional aircraft market is a natural next step for our maintenance facility – allowing new customers to experience our high level of aircraft maintenance and quality support which our current customers know KSNL Aero for.”

An FAA certified part 145 maintenance and repair station, KSNL offers a 26,000 sq.ft. hangar and services include 100 hour, annual, phase, progressive inspection or maintenance check requirements.

Regional aircraft types play a vital role in the US’ aviation industry with several communities exclusively served by regional aircraft types. Regional aircraft types serve more than 90% of US cities with regular flights and over 70% served only be regional flights.

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