The San Luis Valley Regional Airport and Alamosa County are seeking proposals for a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) to lease, manage and operate facilities at the regional airport in Colorado.

The airport is looking for proposals for a new body to take responsibility for the management of day-to-day operations of the FBO. Alamosa County has been operating the FBO since June 2018.

The contract period is anticipated to commence on or after January 2019 in an initial contract period which will run for ten years. The agreement may include an option to renew for an additional five year period or as negotiated.

Will Hickman, airport manager, said: “For the past four months, Alamosa County has been operating the FBO at the San Luis Valley Regional Airport. We are looking forward to bring in a private company to operate and manage this aspect of our airport operations in order to attain more aircraft operations, as well as provide more services to our customers, including maintenance.”

The airport sees a scheduled daily service to Denver International Airport and also has a “healthy” general aviation presence, including 38 airport-owned T-hangars which currently have a waiting list.

The FBO will be expected to provide a public presence and on-site services including fuelling services, aircraft maintenance and monitoring aircraft operations.

The airport is planning on providing fuel services on an interim basis, in order to allow for contract negotiation and to enable the selected operator time to equip and staff the FBO. The airport said it expects to negotiate a flowage fee with the next operator.

There are also a number of facilities available for lease to the operator including the main FBO building, Building A as well as three hangars also available for lease. The airport said lease agreements and subleases remain negotiable.

The airport has undergone several improvement programmes in the past few years, including the repair of the roof on Building A in 2017. Repair and replacement of the interior upstairs carpet and ceiling was well as painting and installation of drywall and new furnishings was completed in 2018. Also in 2018, minor remodelling in the front office and pilot lounge area took place.

Regarding future renovations, the airport said it is conducting an audit of the current year budget and if funds are available, recommendations will be made to the Alamosa County commissioners who will have the final approval of an FBO contract.

Proposals are due at the airport by 21 December 2018.

Image credit: Jeffrey BeallOwn work, CC BY 4.0, Link

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