The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority has reached a 10-year agreement with its airline partners to give the Airport Authority the ability to contribute more than half a billion dollars to help alleviate traffic congestion and make the airport easier to access.

“This agreement ensures that the Airport Authority will have the means to effectively partner with other regional agencies to improve access to the airport through transportation and transit projects,” said April Boling, Airport Authority Board Chairman. “It also supports the Airport Development Plan, which envisions the replacement of Terminal 1 and related improvements.”

The Authority is currently working with regional partners, including SANDAG, the City of San Diego, Port of San Diego, the military, MTS, Caltrans and NCTD on potential transportation and transit connection improvements to the airport. It’s agreement with the airlines will help provide substantial funding for these improvement projects if approved.

The contribution of over a half-billion dollars includes: $350 million for on-and potential off-airport public transportation projects in contribution with regional partner agencies. The agreement allows the Airport Authority to contribute up to his amount when third parties (such as regional partner agencies) contribute funds for off-airport transportation and transit projects.
Funding could also be used to pay for a new transit station on airport property that could connect to the regional system. An additional $165 million could be used for multimodal mobility corridor improvements also contemplated in the Airport Development Plan.

“The airport and the airlines provide significant economic impact for the region, and this is just the latest example of that commitment,” commented Kim Becker, Airport Authority President and CEO. “I sincerely appreciate the airlines’ willingness to participate in this agreement and pre-approve a significant investment in transportation and transit infrastructure.”

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