Riga Airport has welcomed the government’s decision to set up an electronic passenger registration system. Introduced on Monday 12 October, the electronic confirmation can be easily completed by passengers online and will contribute to public safety by allowing state services to identify and warn travellers more efficiently where passengers develop COVID-19 after their flight.

Previously passengers had been asked to provide paper certificates that were not only inconvenient for most passengers but also required disproportionate resources for collecting, sorting and handing over to public authorities. Further processing of paper questionnaires by the State Police and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (SPKC) was also inconvenient and time consuming.

By completing the certificate online at covidpass.lv before arriving in Latvia, travellers will be complying with national epidemiological precautions to limit the spread of COVID-19 infections. Passengers are then issued a QR code on the website and in their email, which will need to be presented on a mobile device or in printed form before boarding their flight. Airlines have the right to refuse flight to passengers who do not have the QR code.

With the control of completing e-certificates in line with applicable laws entrusted to the airlines themsevles, Riga Airport will provide support to carriers operating at the airport.  The airport will also monitor the existence of QR codes for arriving passengers and provide assistance to those who have not filled in the questionnaire.

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