With its booking and reservations software serving more than a 1/4 billion passengers worldwide, Rezcomm has unveiled a new feature for its airport parking solution.

In 2018 the company generated millions in incremental revenue to its airport clients through sales of parking and ancillary products. It has now unveiled a new feature ‘Shop’ for its software solution. The omnichannel Shop platform helps facilitate and support non-aeronautical sales and increase operational profitability and efficiency.

“The new platform is designed to make each booking as easy as 1-2-3, but while customers will experience a polished interface, the design is far from superficial,” said Victoria Wallace, director of digital at Rezcomm.

Focusing on customer convenience, Shop’s features include the self-populating SmartSearch widget and clear visualisation of products on offer to make booking easier.¬†Search results are displayed in a clear, aesthetically pleasing format and the data needed to make the booking is clearly available to the customer. Airports can add incentives and emotion to the process, letting customers know about the free shuttle or alerting them that there is only one of a desirable product left at a lower price to encourage the sale.

One of the major benefits reveals Wallace is the map view, which shows the customer a 3D map of the airport. It helps passengers visualise the layout of the airport in relation to the terminals and to get a feel for the balance of convenience and price offered by each product.

Neil Robson, parking services director at Rezcomm said:

It’s an incredibly user-friendly layout. Search results are organised using the two main factors that drive the customer, convenience and cost. If two products are available for one car park, both are shown in the search results, giving the chance to up-sell. And when it comes to searching and booking on mobile, map view is by far the easiest way to do it. Cue far fewer abandoned carts, and lots more happy customers.

Meanwhile, Wallace concluded: “Our aim was to develop a solution that exceeds the requirements and optimises the potential of our airport and venue partners, future-proofing their business against competition and changes in market trends, and I’m confident that this is what we have achieved.”




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