The REVAL ATS digital tower system at Tartu Airport, Estonia, has received the aeronautical equipment certificate from the Estonian Transport Administration. The REVAL system, developed by Adacel and EANS, aims to transition Estonia’s regional airports to fully digital air traffic service operations.

“This is the second REVAL ATS system that was awarded the aeronautical equipment certificate,” said Ivar Värk, CEO, EANS. “In November 2022, the Estonian Transport Administration issued the first certificate for the REVAL system located at the Kuressaare airport in Estonia. Thanks to the previously completed process, getting the certificate for the Tart REVAL system went smoothly, and we are just as happy with this achievement.”

“This certification embodies one of our core values to empower our customers and team members to reach their potential,” added Daniel Verret, CEO, Adacel. “EANS’ revolutionary vision along with our employees’ technological expertise is transforming the Estonian’s airspace management and makes it possible to modernise air traffic services at regional airports around the world.”

The REVAL ATS system at Tartu Airport is currently in active shadow operation mode, the last validation phase in the testing process. During the shadow operations, Tartu Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS) is provided remotely from a tower centre in Tallinn, meanwhile the team at Tartu’s traditional airport tower retains full access to air traffic management systems ready to take control if needed.

“The shadow operations will last through 10 March 2023, after which we will submit the application to the Estonian Transport Administration to approve Tartu AFIS from the remote tower centre in Tallinn,” added Värk. “After that, we can start providing the service in Tartu from our remote tower centre on a permanent basis.”

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