WestJet is restoring domestic flights to Charlottetown, Fredericton, Moncton, Sydney and Quebec City after service was suspended as a result of COVID-19. The reinstatement of service to the five airports is set to be resumed from the end of June and will restore WestJet’s complete network of pre-COVID-19 domestic airports.

“We committed to return to the communities we left, as a result of the pandemic, and we will be restoring flights to these regions in the coming months, of our own volition,” said Ed Sims, WestJet, President and CEO. “These communities have been a crucial factor in our success over our 25 years and it is critical for us to ensure they have access to affordable air service and domestic connectivity to drive their economic recovery.”

In addition to the resumption of services to these five airports, WestJet will also resume service between St John’s and Toronto, which was indefinitely suspended in October. And following a temporary suspension the restart of service between St. John’s and Halifax will be advanced from 24 June to 6 May.

“Our focus remains on the safe restart of air travel. We ask that federal and provincial governments work with us to provide clarity and certainty to Canadians, including travel policies that support economic recovery and restore jobs,” continued Sims.

In recognition of the investments that WestJet’s travel and tourism partners in the respective regions need to make to begin to recover from the pandemic, the airline will continue to encourage the Atlantic premiers to advance their efforts to ensure the region is open to Canadians this summer.

Sims concluded that alongside an accelerated and successful vaccine rollout, “we are hopeful that there will be an easing of onerous travel restrictions currently in place. We look forward to working together to safely reconnect Canadians to the region in the coming months.”

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