Darwin and Alice Springs are to become the first airports in Australia to deploy Computed Tomography (CT) technology for checked baggage and passenger screening, as part of an agreement between Northern Territory (NT) Airports and Smiths Detection.

“We want to keep customers safe, ease their transition through our airports, and provide peace of mind for everyone,” said Ian Kew, CEO of NT Airports, explaining that the airport operator sought a security partner that focused on both traveller safety and passenger experience. “We’re striving for excellence and we’re excited to partner with Smiths Detection who share the same vision and tenacity as us.”

NT Airports provide critical infrastructure services to those travelling through its airports and is an important contributor to the NT economy because of its proximity to Asia’s tourism and business markets and the strength of the resources sector in the northern territories.

Seven Hi-Scan 6040CTiX units will be installed as part of an integrated checkpoint with iLane.evo, the automated tray return system. In addition, four units of Hi-Scan 10080 XCT for checked baggage screening will also be installed across both airports. Delivery is expected mid-2020.

Citing the benefits of the new CT screening equipment, Robert Phillips, head of security and contingency planning for NT Airports revealed it will provide “enhanced capabilities while maximising passenger throughput. Darwin and Alice Springs will be the first airports in Australia to be equipped with this advanced technology.”

He added “not only will it lead to fewer physical bag searches, but greater ease for passengers passing through our screening points.”

Meanwhile, Jordan Thrupp, managing director of Australia and New Zealand, Smiths Detection added: “It is a pleasure to be working with NT Airports, to deliver a security screening solution which will enable a seamless travel experience for passengers.”

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