Located on the north side of Paris-Le Bourget Airport, the newly inaugurated €11m Astonsky terminal consists of a 6,920 m² facility spread over six levels and featuring three aircraft hangars and more than 16,000 m² of aircraft parking. Astonsky is a subsidiary of French Clair Group.

While Level zero is reserved for passengers and FBO clients, the first floor is reserved for pilots and the second floor is occupied by the air operations division of Astonjet. The third floor currently houses two consultancy companies, an airline and an aircraft manufacturer, while the top two floors are currently vacant.

The new terminal which overlooks the runway and tarmac features a vast reception area with a fountain and green wall, as well as several work spaces and a dedicated boarding lounge and a glass wine cellar containing more than 3,000 bottles of wines from around the world. There’s also an area for pilots equipped with the latest computing systems. A central fireplace is complemented by deep leather sofas and thick plush carpet. There’s even an aquarium that looks through to the hangars.

A catering and concierge service is available to respond to client needs, while a house chef is also attached to the terminal offering delicious French cuisine.

The Astonsky terminal was inaugurated on 17 October 2019, in the presence of the group’s clients, businesses from the airport and the Paris-Le Bourget Airport Director Bruno Mazurkiewicz. Speaking at the ceremony, Charles Clair the group president said: “Atonsky’s signature slogan is ‘be astonished’. The sign over the hangar says ‘your terminal’. These two phrases say all that needs to be said: we wanted to surprise, innovate and offer unrivalled service to an international clientele that constantly requires more and better. Our ambition is to make Astonsky the French reference for luxury.”

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