Seating manufacturer, Zoeftig, has unveiled its latest seating product at this year’s Passenger Terminal Expo in Paris – the Vista, which it describes as “changing the landscape for an ultimate concourse experience.”

The versatile seating system is modular in construction and designed to respond to the needs of modern airports and passenger demographics. It features an ergonomic design, ultra clean aesthetic and flexible construction. With its premium look and feel, it would be equally at home in lounges or at departure gates.

It can be arranged with inclusive social spaces, providing areas for passengers of all different profiles from the single business traveller to families and groups of all ages. It also offers protected seating areas for those who prioritise privacy and personal space. A stripped back bench runs with a clean and contemporary feel, while collaborative sections enable passenger interaction. Mains and USB power is available via multiple integrated locations to ensure seats are provided with convenient and easily accessible charging points.

The seating can be finished in a variety of materials and finishes so that it can be tailored to different environment and customer requirements.

Alongside other seating solutions Zoeftig is also showcasing its Zenky seating at this year’s PTE. The seating supplier has already partnered with various airports on its Zenky seating including Denver Airport as well as Salt Lake City Airport in the US where it has been well received by passengers and airport operations teams alike.



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