Vitra, the seating company, has launched its Soft Wait seating solution, which has been developed specifically for public spaces.

According to Pascal Berberat, Head of Airport Division at Vitra, airport furniture is subject to heavy use, so it has to be durable, adaptable and aesthetically pleasing.

“Finding that balance of the conflicting requirements between the airport operator and the passenger is challenging,” he said. “The key to good design is recognising the need to solve a problem and then provide a solution to that problem,” he added, explaining that all too often seating which is used elsewhere is then used in an airport setting where it simply doesn’t last. Vitra however designs its seating specifically to fit an airport or other public space’s stringent requirements.

Designed by Vitra and designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, the sofa-style system combines comfort and ergonomic seating that is suitable for heavy use and the exacting demands of the airport environment.

Each detail has been designed to be durable, easy to clean and simple to maintain, while the modular design allows for multiple configurations which can be modified and expanded on at a later date. It can be assembled into linear and curved formations, ensuring effective use of any awkwardly shaped interiors or dead spaces, for example around pillars.

In addition, the individual modules are equipped with power and data connections, and the metal parts – legs and armrests come in a polished or black powder-coated finish. Tables can be positioned between seats or at the end of benches.

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