Alstef Group has been selected by Princess Juliana Airport in Sint Maarten, to rebuild its baggage handling system (BHS) as part of a major national recovery project following extensive damage to the airport caused by Hurricane Irma in 2017.

The BHS replacement includes an outbound sortation system with 22 check-in locations, 12 self-serve bag drops, two in-line standard 3 CT x-ray machines, a manual encode lane and automatic sortation to three make-up carousels controlled by Alstef Group’s proprietary Bagsort Lite software. The new inbound system will comprise three horizontal carousels with feed lines.

Philippe Hamon, Alstef Group Airport Sales Director, commented: “The evaluation criteria for this project were heavily weighted on the proponent’s ability to meet the technical specification requirements and a proven history of comparable BHS project deliveries.”

He added that only the offers that met the performance and compliance criteria progressed to the economic assessment. “This project award proves Alstef Group’s ability to offer technically compliant, economical solutions backed up by a well-established track record.”

Describing the BHS installation as a critical milestone for the airport’s rebuild project, Mirto Breel, Project Director of the PIJA operating company noted that “with the commencement of the main reconstruction works in Q4,2021, we are looking forward to the new and improved baggage handling system and a healthy, long-term working relationship with Alstef Group.”

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