To boost efficiency for its airline partners Perth Airport in Australia has upgraded its Airport Management System with Veovo.

The new operational system will streamline airline and ground handler flight management processes as part of the western Australian hub’s efforts to fast-track its ability to scale up its operations efficiently when air travel fully resumes.

In collaboration with Veovo, the project focused on improving operational performance as well as agility by using trusted data, analytics and intelligent automation to coordinate decision-making across the airport for every flight, every day.

“The new system will provide our airline partners and their handlers seamless and timely information, real-time flight updates and the opportunity for increased collaboration between the airport and its users,” said Per Airport Chief Operating Officer, Scott Woodward. “And with the current volatility, the need to deliver safe and reliable conditions for our airline partners to operate will be critical as the aviation industry recovers from the severe impacts of the pandemic,” Woodward continued.

Providing clarity in real-time for the airport, its airline partners and passengers, the Veovo Intelligent Airport Platform connects and analyses data spanning flights, airside and landside activities. Decision support and optimisation tools enable the airport to build robust resourcing plans and proactively flex to handle irregular operations. Perth Airport’s Chief Financial Officer, Brian Pereira described airport’s upgrade and transition to the new system as “a fantastic outcome for our airline partners.”

Meanwhile, James Williamson, CEO Veovo, said that “while the whole industry rethinks its approach to operational planning, Perth Airport is leading the way on improving efficiency and the customer experience in the new age of travel.”

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