A gateway to the Flanders region in Belgium, Ostend-Bruges Airport has opened its new business terminal to cater exclusively for general and business aviation.

The North Sea Aviation Center (NSAC) offers a full-service concept and was developed in response to increasing demand for private jet services, which account for 5 to 10% of the airport’s revenue. The 857m² FBO facility features a VIP lounge in addition to office spaces and will offer ground handling for all business and general aviation flights up to 45.5 tonnes, as well as maintenance of aircraft and helicopters in cooperation with Gill Aviation. NSAC will also be responsible for catering services, medical examinations for pilots and it will provide concierge services.

“The big advantage is that we can certainly generate business here,” said Erik Vermeersch, general manager, NSAC. “The intention is to bring more larger private jets to the airport. The operational capacities of the airport on one hand and the new NSAC facilities on the other hand are important assets in this context. We aim for approximately 1,500 movements a year,” he continued.

Marcel Buelens, Ostend-Bruges Airport’s CEO, added:

Business aviation is the third element in the development plan for our airport, together with passenger activities and air-cargo/ logistics and e-commerce distribution. With NSAC, we will soon bring business travellers the speed, the comfort and the discretion they need. Until now, our VIPs and private and business flight activities were located in our general terminal, which was not ideal. This is now going to change drastically and hopefully all activities will bring extra jobs to our airport and the region through NSAC. Furthermore, NSAC will provide customs and border police with a permanent place.

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