Munich Airport car rental

Munich Airport has partnered with turnaround service provider Assured Europe and Norwegian start-up Wenn AS to use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve its car rental experience for passengers.

The innovative scanning tunnel has been installed in the car rental centre at the German hub and allows the fully automated documentation of a vehicle’s condition as it passes through, as well as the detection of any damage in seconds.

Since being installed, around 60,000 vehicles have used the automated damage scanner, which saves time and ensures transparency. The cameras installed within the tunnel capture the car from various angles and the data obtained is automatically evaluated and documented by AI in real time. Within a minute the relevant information is then fed to vehicle check-in staff for the return process.

Munich is the first airport in Europe to deploy the innovative technology, which is available to all car rental firms situated at the airport. Implementation at other airports in the country and elsewhere in the world are in the pipeline.

Header image: From left to right: Haakon Holm, Managing Director Germany at Assured Fleet Services GmbH; Tom Lorenz, Key Account Manager Rental Car and Shared Mobility Business at Munich Airport; Trygve Pedersen, Chief Executive Officer at Wenn ASA; Maria Dahlhaus, Senior Vice President Business Division Commercial Activities at Munich Airport

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