Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Monterey Regional Airport in California, US has experienced a significant hit with traffic down by 90%.

The airport, which is served by Alaska Airlines, Allegiant, United Airlines, American and JSX, is faced with arrival and departure cancellations each day as airlines are forced to fly less frequently due to the drop in demand and airport closures. Airlines are approaching the situation on a flight-by-flight basis but there have also been challenges with staff availability especially with officials ordering non key workers to stay at home and those with coronavirus symptoms having to self isolate.

What’s more, Visit California, a nonprofit organisation that partners with the state’s travel industry has issued an update on its website that says “this is not the time to vacation in California” since virtually all tourism assets are closed until further notice.

Monterey Regional Airport’s Executive Director, Mike La Pier commented that the effects are “consistent with other airports…Right now nobody’s flying. It is turbulent times on many levels.”

The airport’s revenue depends on passenger traffic as well as associated activities including car rentals, transportation fees, parking and other revenue streams.

In order to help its staff, as well as concessionaires and tenants through these unpredictable times, the airport is working to delay rent payments, only purchase essential items, reducing working hours and cutting back on advertisement.

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