Miami International Airport (MIA) has become one of 10 US airports and 34 global hubs to provide sunflower lanyards free of charge to passengers with hidden disabilities. These include disabilities that are not visible, such as autism, hearing loss, and PTSD.

The lanyards serve as a discreet indicator to airport employees that the wearer may need some extra time or assistance during the travel process. The airport has also unveiled a second multi-sensory room to provide young travellers with cognitive and developmental disabilities with a calming place to relax before flying.

“Our highest priority at MIA continues to be making the joy of air travel easily and safely accessible for all our passengers,” said Lester Sola, MIA Director and CEO. “We are proud to be one of a growing number of airports worldwide providing sunflower lanyards, and to add another multi-sensory room to our terminal. We look forward to continue working closely with our local advocacy partners, to make MIA eve more accessible for all.”

Staff at MIA have also received customer service training to ensure best practices when catering for passengers with hidden disabilities.

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