Mccarren Airport PPE vending

Passengers travelling through Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport can now stock up on personal protective equipment (PPE) from three vending machines located in the airport. The machines are stocked with equipment including hand sanitiser, gloves and face masks.

“It’s not unthinkable that someone will show up at the airport and has left behind one of those items that’s almost essential now to air travel,” said Christine Crews, a McCarran International Airport spokesperson.

An airport spokesperson told USA Today that a three pack of face masks are selling for $7.50, while a reusable cloth mask costs $14.50. A ten pack of alcohol wipes cost $5.25, N95 masks are $8.25 apiece and a 50ml bottle of hand sanitiser costs $4.25.

McCarran recorded a 2.3 million passenger drop in March compared to the same month in 2019. This equates to a 53% decrease in arriving and departing passengers year over year.

Although McCarran claimed on its twitter handle that is was the first airport to install PPE vending machines Tulsa International Airport has also started selling masks in its vending machines, while other airports are selling PPE in terminal retail stores.



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