Flexjet has started the new year with the announcement that it is opening three additional private jet terminals, bringing its total to eight in the US.

The three new facilities will be located at Miami’s Opa-Locka Executive Airport – which will also serve as the seasonal hub for Flexjet’s South Florida helicopter service, Montana’s Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport and Arizona’s Scottsdale Airport.

“More people than evera re electing to travel by private aircraft,” said Flexjet Chief Experience Officer, Megan Wolf. “Expanding our private terminals in top locations ensures a more intimate experience for our owners. This increase in traffic means the large general aviation FBOs in popular departure and arrival points are more hectic than in the past. Flexjet’s owners-only lounges offer comfort and amenities to ease the transition from the jet to your final destination.”

With the Miami FBO also operated as the seasonal hub for Flexjet’s South Florida helicopter service, this will enable Flexjet Owners and passengers to use its helicopter services to access additional locations within the region. Eli Flint, President of Flexjet’s private helicopter division said: “Industry wide, there has been little integrated connection yet between fixed-wing operations and urban air mobility. A journey isn’t just from one airport to another; it should go beyond that to enable a passenger to access off-airport destinations, or even airports too small for jets. By definition, a helicopter’s utility transports passengers faster, closer and more directly to the final destination. Flexjet’s innovative helicopter service will provide a complementary step that will save travellers time and add convenience.”

In addition to expanding its terminal network, Flexjet is also looking to develop one of private aviation’s largest and most diverse aircraft fleets, its largest controlled maintenance network and a state-of-the-art global operations control centre slate to open in 2023.

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