Tubreaux Aviation Services, the sole FBO at Shreveport Downtown Airport in Louisiana, USA has joined the Avfuel-branded network of locations.

Tubreaux Aviation Services offers customers a range of services including full service Jet A+ and 100LL Avgas fuel, self-service pumps 24/7, 24-hour callout service, GPU hook-ups, towing and overnight hangar rentals.

A convenient option for general and business aviation customers heading to Shreveport for business or leisure the FBO facility features a lounge, pilot computers, refreshments, a pilot sleeping room, catering and crew, as well as rental cars. Customers can also now benefit from Avfuel’s programmes including its contract fuel and Avtrips reward scheme.

“Our commitment to the general aviation community is our biggest differentiator,” said Nicholas Delbasty, Tubreaux Aviation Services’ operations manager. “That commitment translates to the superb service our customers expect from a premier private aviation facility.”

“We’re pleased to add a premier FBO in a key region for our operator customers to Avfuel’s family of branded locations,” said Mark Haynes, vice president of sales for Avfuel Corporation.

“Tubreaux Aviation Services is dedicated to providing the same level of customer service we at Avfuel aspire to each day, and we look forward to working together in this new partnership.”

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