London Stansted is using a remote management technology from APT SKIDATA to provide visibility and control over the estate’s 14 car parks and 330 associated devices and systems.

Building on its existing long-standing relationship, Stansted approached APT SKIDATA to understand how it could further improve the service delivery capabilities of its Landside Operations team, reduce complexity of managing multiple systems and increase overall efficiency.  The objective was to deliver a better customer service, keep costs down and improve system resilience.

APT SKIDATA deployed its web-based management system, sweb Control, to enable the hub serving the UK capital to manage the intercoms, CCTV and the parking systems across the entire estate remotely. Subsequently the Landside Operations team can respond quickly and easily to customer interactions, providing a high level of service.

Charmaine Sweeney, Control Room Manager for Landside Operations, said the team is responsible for managing one of the largest surface car park operations in Europe, with more than 44,000 spaces: ” The car parks are widely acknowledged as the first touch point for many of our passengers… and the centralised management platform from APT SKIDATA hasa enabled the team to continue delivering the consistently high standards of customer experience our guests expect.”

The sweb Control platform is hosted and managed by SKIDATA in an accredited data centre. This provides the Stansted Ariport IT team with confidence that the platform is secure, resilient and will meet their IT compliance standards.

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