Krimson Aviation

Based out of Addis Ababa’s Bole International Airport, Krimson Aviation –the flight support, charter and aviation consultancy – has unveiled its new high-end travel service Krimson Koncierge.

Speaking at the 5th Aviation Africa summit being held in Addis Ababa this week, Krimson Aviation’s Founder and CEO, Dawit Lemma, explains the new service specialises in creating escorted customised luxury excursions, tailored itineraries and bespoke destination management services for aviation crew, VIP and discerning travellers.

“Krimson Aviation has grown exponentially in the last couple of years,” Lemma tells Regional Gateway during the summit. “Customers would often ask us what to do and where to go in and around the capital and we realised that was something we could cater for. We also realised that beyond private aviation the concierge service was something we could offer business class passengers too.”

The Koncierge portfolio complements existing trip support services which until now have focused on managing hotel accommodation and ground transportation for business aviation crew. The new services offers an airport meet and greet serviced specifically for business class passengers arriving or departing on commercial airlines. It expedites transfers through the airport and reduces waiting time by more than an hour  as it speeds customers through the immigration and customs queues.

Krimson Koncierge has also secured a Tourism Investment Permit and Business License, which is necessary to conduct tourism business. This will enable Lemma and his team to deliver premium experiences tailored to the individual clients requests.

Close personal protection can also be arranged to mitigate potential risk and ensure safe passage. “We frequently receive requests for a security detail and drivers from our clients who come from all over the world, including Europe and the Middle East. But in the last six months we’ve seen an increase in business traffic and tourists from the US,” says Lemma.

Looking forward in addition to exploring more aircraft assets in the next five years, Krimson Aviation hopes to expand its services across the continent although Lemma admits that its roots remain firmly in Addis Ababa. “We’ve worked hard to develop relationships with service providers across the airport and beyond. We now have partners on the ground from Cape Town to Cairo, who we trust so we can provide all the necessary services,” he says.

And with Addis Ababa now the main aviation hub for passenger traffic coming to and around the region, Lemma reveals his goal is to “establish Addis Abba Africa’s business aviation hub and to offer unique customised experiences that can’t be found through traditional tour operators.” In the next five years he also plans to look into more aircraft assets.

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